Directed by Joseph Kosinski
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Aka: Defender: The Lone Ranger (TV)/Top Gun The Lone Ranger/Top Gun: Medellin/Top Gun: The Lone Ranger/Top Gun: The Lone Ranger/Top Gun 2: Maverick/Top Gun 2 / Top Gun Maverick
Updated on 2022-08-17
Written by Ilen Krueger/Eric Singhal/Christopher McQueary/Justin Marks/Jim Cash/Jack Epps Jr/Peter Clegg
Starring: Tom Cruise/Jennifer Connery/Miles Teller/Jon Hamm/Fong Kimmer/Monica. Barbaro/Jen Louisa Kelly/Manny Giacinito/Roberta Sparta/Ed Harris/Glenn Powell/Lewis Pullman/Raymond Lee/Lillian Anna Rey/Jay Ellis/Jack Pickkin/Rachel Macarilan/Bashir Salahuddin / Peter Mark Kendall/Charles Parnell/Chelsea Harris/Danny Ramirez/Ong Chungxin/Nancy Demars/Connie Sharp/Sergio Briones/Penelope Capudya/Mark Anthony Cox/Maubin Khan
Type: Action
Producer Country/Region: USA/Mainland China
Language: English
Release Date: 2022-05-18(Cannes Film Festival) / 2022-05-27(USA)
Running time: 131 minutes
IMDb: tt1745960

After more than 30 years as one of the Navy's top pilots, Peter Mitchell (codename: "The Lone Ranger") (Tom Cruise) decides to defy the system and take on a bigger challenge as a test pilot. When he is ordered to train a group of High Swords graduates for a difficult special mission, he meets his late friend and radar interceptor, Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw (Codename: Cock), son of Lieutenant Nick Bradshaw, Codename Goose. Facing an uncertain future and haunting demons, the Lone Ranger must overcome his deepest fears. As a result, he took part in a mission that required great sacrifice



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